Professional cyclists are athletes of very high performance is something that no one doubts today. Its preparation is worked, evaluated, and looked at with a magnifying glass as if it were an analysis before a surgery or a calibration of the machinery before a formula 1 race.

On the basis that a professional cyclist dedicates 24 hours a day to cycling, annual planning, peaks of form, nutrition and recovery are aspects to be taken into account by professional teams and cyclists individually.

In relation to the above, what professional cyclists are looking for is to be at their highest level of form at certain times of the season.

For example, a cyclist looking to succeed in the Vuelta a España (August-September) will structure the entire season so that on those dates he is at his peak of form. The shape peak is something that lasts at most a couple of weeks. In this way, you must measure very well so that the cyclist is at the top just when the key stages arrive.

This is the case of the young Belgian cyclist Remco Evenepoel. In his season of explosion on the world circuit, the Belgian surprised the world of cycling by renouncing to participate in the Tour de France and focus the second part of his season with the Vuelta a España as his main objective.

The extreme heat, the orography, and the high competition that the Spanish race is going to put on the table is something that has really worried the cyclists who have decided to give everything for everything in the Spanish round.

As it could not be otherwise, Evenepoel decided to stay at Syncrosfera Health & Fitness Hotel, the world reference hotel for cyclists from all over the world and enjoy its high-level hypoxic fitness facilities. Sleep at level at 2000 meters and train at sea level.

The training data during your 15-day stay in Syncrosfera scares:

57 hours of training, more than 1842km traveled and 31,198 meters of accumulated altitude.

There is no doubt that Remco Evenepoel is clear about where to get the most out of it and prepare with all the guarantees the second part of his season.

The latest results speak by themselves. Impressive Tour of Norway results for Remco (4 stages win and the overall victory) and a great starting of the second part of season coming.

“It was my first race since Liege-Bastogne-Liege, so I didn’t know how I would fare, but I returned at a high level, which is encouraging as we kick off the second part of the season and my road to the Vuelta a Espana,” Evenepoel said

Definitively Remco exploded all his power in Norway. As our colleagues of Lanterne Rouge claims Remco Evenepoel Produces The Best Climbing Performance of 2022 – Lanterne Rouge.

Now, after becoming TT champion in Belgium, Remco will be focusing his next goal, Vuelta a España.