Five days in which you immerse yourself in the life of a professional athlete. Everything included. We do different tests of professional performance, coordination, strength, flexibility (R.O.M.), balance and incremental tests with VO2, lactate and heart rate. We determine your power profile, individualized training zones and anaerobic threshold. We offer the latest technical recovery with physical therapists.

Enjoy a professional period with transportation to the airport, hotel, meetings and training as a professional athlete. The weather is perfect, we have different climbs and you can train with Alexander Kolobnev. Prepare your next objective in a camp created for your needs.


Pick up at the airport and we will take you to Syncrosfera. Bicycle preparation. 2-hour circuit with the bicycle and meeting with the coaches. Dinner.


Breakfast. Strength test, R.O.M., FMS. Cycling Biomechanical evaluation. Lunch. 2hrs of circuit with the bicycle, with an intensity of 65% FTP (Alexander Kolobnev will be with you in training where you will do sprints, attacks, positioning…). Dinner.


Breakfast. Incremental lactate test. 2hrs of circuit with the bicycle, with an intensity of 80% FTP. Lunch at the hotel. Functional training. Physiotherapy session. Dinner.


Breakfast. Functional training. 4hrs of circuit with the bicycle accompanied by Alexander Kolobnev (+ 2500m). Lunch. Recovery session and physiotherapy. Free afternoon. Meeting with your coach. Dinner.


Breakfast. Functional training. 2hrs of bicycle circuit with Alexander Kolobnev. Lunch. Meeting and final review with your coach. Airport transfer.

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