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The SyncroLab method is our philosophy, a unique method that through our passion, experience and based on the results of the latest world scientific research. It is our own training system, approved by professional athletes in collaboration with great nutrition experts and fitness trainers. It is a unique experience with real and measurable results.


  • Improves physical and emotional health
  • Decrease stress levels
  • Improves physical appearance, performance and quality of life
  • It is fun, effective and with specific and rea results
  • Its objective is the personalization of training, prioritizing quality rather than quantity.


SyncroLab combines the concepts of Health, Fitness, Technology and Friends. Its founders, Alexander Kolobnev and Anton Samokhvalov project into this center the importance and necessity of synchronized human movement, without compensation or alteration.

SyncroLab has a specific training facility that combines the body’s own weight and suspension to improve coordination and locomotor skills seeking the reactivation and strengthening of inactive muscles.

Our personal trainings in small groups are aimed at strengthening and toning the core area and the rest of the muscles, including stretching and relaxation.

Thanks to this, we will be able to prevent and treat pain caused by muscle imbalances.


At SyncroLab our functional training begins using CoRehab, which is an advanced technology in assessment systems. Discovering limiting factors, skill levels, pre-existing problems and recording range of limb mobility and muscle strength. This will allow us to design personalized programs, respecting the particularities of each person. And always avoiding the risk of injury.