Strength training is a must for the endurance athlete. Not only does it improve performance but it helps prevent injuries and an improvement in the athlete’s efficiency will be noticed.

Thanks to the latest technology in inertial pulleys and the evaluation with our CoRehab system you can train accurately and be more efficient in training. After the analysis we can determine the force distribution in% of the right and left side.

With less time you can achieve the same benefits as with a gym workout.

Our coaches will advise you so that you have more rest time while you manage to increase your performance.

CoRehab performance assessment products allow you to quickly and reliably measure the performance of both an elite athlete and a normal person. It is about being able to set a goal and surpass yourself, both in sports and in life in general. Learn how Back in Action and Sensio can help you fulfill that purpose. More than 5,000 tests have been carried out with Back in Action and Sensio.

Our coaches will be able to adapt your training according to your needs.

When an athlete carries out a functional or physical test, it is crucial to use their data as a reference, or also if you are looking to compete with the best to design your training. With the CoRehab tests you can check all this, while motivating your athletes.


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