It consists of a physical therapy based on the treatment with pressurized air working in favor of the venous return, the circulatory process and the lymphatic drainage.

It consists of a compressor equipment that initiates the pressure of air flows in specially prepared chambers located in boots or sleeves adapted for lower or upper limbs.

Its foundation is to promote the return of blood from the most distal parts of the body to the heart, thus facilitating the entire circulatory path. At the same time, it also facilitates the normal functioning of the lymphatic system that works in parallel with the circulatory system.

The effect that the patient feels in the treatment is very pleasant, the pressure generated in the chambers creates a sensation of massage that, while promoting the circulatory process, helps to relax the muscles worked.

With this treatment we can achieve a facilitation of the elimination of the waste substances that our body generates during its normal activity and an increase in the arrival of oxygen and nutrients to all the small vessels that make up our extremities thanks to the increase in the blood supply of the zone, thus helping muscle recovery.

In pathological cases such as lymphedema or irregular processes of the circulatory system (varicose veins, fluid retention, poor circulation …) this type of technology provides us with a very pleasant solution and an efficacy that has been demonstrated by science for years.