The feet are the base of our body, since they allow us to stand, walk, run, practice all kinds of sports, balance the reactive forces of the ground and the body forces … as you can see, feet are essential both for our actions to practice our favorite physical activity, but only when we have a problem with our feet, is when we really know the importance of our feet.

To get an idea of ​​the importance of the feet, we can take into account the following curiosities:

– We take an average of 10,000 steps a day, which means that throughout our lives we will have taken as many steps as to go around the world four times.

– When walking we unload twice our weight on each foot and up to four times more if we run.

– The feet are our only point of support where we support all body weight.

Normally we decide to go to the podiatrist when we suffer almost unbearable pain in our feet and it is advisable to go to the podiatrist at least once a year, regardless of our age, in order to prevent possible pathologies in the short and medium term. Some of the reasons for visiting the podiatrist may be:

  • Feet pain.
  • Sweating problems
  • Incarnate nail.
  • Knee, hip and / or cervical discomfort.
  • Dermal pathologies (fungi, papillomas, nevus …)
  • Choice of footwear

There are many and varied reasons that can lead us to want to visit a podiatrist and a good podiatry clinic must be able to give an answer to all of them. With us you can treat the following aspects related to the foot:

  • We take care of your footprint through our biomechanical study of the footprint whether you walk or practice any sporting activity (Running, tennis, paddle tennis, golf, cycling, crossfit …)
  • We offer a foot dermatological service (fungal and / or bacterial infections, sweating problems, papillomas, melanocytic nevi …) adapted to each patient where the podiatrist makes a diagnosis and starts a treatment agreed with the patient.
  • We pay special attention to the foot at risk or diabetic foot through plantar pressure controls, ulcer prevention, new generation physiological cures, exclusive plantar supports …
  • We take care of and monitor the footfall of the smallest, we have specific protocols for the diagnosis of childhood pathologies, prevention is our best treatment.
  • We take care of the general health of your feet through the chiropody service, where we perform therapeutic cutting of the nails, orthonyxias, delamination of calluses and / or helomas (chicken eyes), cures for blisters or blisters, hydration of the feet …
  • We provide definitive solutions through minimally invasive outpatient surgery to pathologies to which conservative treatment has not responded.