At Syncrolab we put the most advanced technology at the service of our patients to achieve two clear objectives: improve their evaluation and diagnosis in order to optimize subsequent treatment.

The latest technology in the hands of the best professionals, the perfect combination to help the patient.

It is a dynamic, very effective tool that Syncrolab physiotherapists use within the physical examination of the patient, allowing them, in real time and in a comparative way, to objectively evaluate the injured tissue, adequately program the Physiotherapy program and at the same time, assess in the following sessions the evolution with the physiotherapy treatment received, thus improving the quality of care provided to our patients. In addition, in recent years the use of ultrasound has been developed in the field of manual therapy and Sports Physiotherapy, as a guiding tool in invasive physiotherapy techniques such as ultrasound-guided percutaneous neuromodulation (NMP) for the treatment of peripheral nerves, such as Percutaneous intratissue Electrolysis (EPI) for the treatment of tendinopathies, and Dry Puncture for the treatment of myofascial pain syndrome, with the aim of guaranteeing the precision, safety and effectiveness d of the treatment, thus improving the results and thus achieving a better relationship in the cost-effectiveness of the interventions.

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