Functional rehabilitation is carried out in a treatment phase in which the injured patient has passed the physiotherapy period (pain has been reduced to the point where activity can be performed without great limitation). Work begins with specific therapeutic exercises focused on returning the activity carried out to normal with the body fully prepared for it.

It is the intermediate phase between the moment of the injury already treated with physiotherapy and the return to competition or daily activity in an optimal way.

Rehabilitation has a specific work method focused on re-establishing or improving general and specific motor patterns at work and sports level.

In addition, it is possible to improve the physical or sports capacities of the individual.

Work is focused on looking for a reconditioning of the injured structure and the rest of the body, improving as much as possible the technical gesture of the sport or the activity that it develops and this reducing the possibility of a possible relapse of the injury.

It differs from traditional rehabilitation and that one only works on the damaged structure. On the other hand, functional rehabilitation works on EVERYTHING (damaged structure and rest of the body), conditioning the subject integrally to carry out their activity with the minimum possible risk and even increasing performance.

The key to rehabilitation is EXERCISE, essential for any recovery, not only at the level of the locomotor system, but also in the whole of our body. The use of therapeutic exercise is essential for a good recovery, without it, the risk of relapse is higher.

For this reason, the possible causes of the injury are first analysed (biomechanical deficit, compensations, inadequate body conditioning …) and work is done to correct them, ensuring optimal recovery and with minimal risk of recurrence.

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