SyncroLab Performance offers you an individualized and specific training plan based on scientific evidence and the experience of years of working with an elite athlete. We want you to learn to train, and do it with us. We analyze your training data and choose the optimal training load for the best results. Improving your performance requires a flexible and individual training program, with constant feedback between the coach and the athlete.

The choice of the training method for physical preparation and competition is individual and decisive.

If you decide to experiment, you have to do it properly, accompanied by people who know how to analyze and propose clear and concise ideas. To achieve physiological changes, it is necessary to moderate the load, not only in specific groups of certain muscles, but mainly in the entire physiology of the organism, as well as in the work of ligaments, joints, internal organs, glands, nervous system, etc.

The work of all body structures must be coordinated synergistically. Not only empirical knowledge is important, but also the practical application of scientific research in the field of sports physiology.


In our first meeting we will make an assessment of the athletes, review their history and know their needs.

We will set goals, 100% personalized, whether they are to improve performance, recover after an injury or help you prevent an injury.

Once the goals are set, it will be the responsibility of the elite athlete to get the job done. We will accompany you throughout the process for whatever you need.

We will review your results through the latest technology tools and thus evaluate the results and possible changes adapted to the athlete.

Our work, along with the one for the athlete, will vary according to the results obtained and we begin with the planning of the next phase.


What are you main goals?

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