This technique consists of transferring an electrical impulse through a needle into a muscle, thus activating its motor fibers.

This type of treatment is used for all types of musculoskeletal pathology, providing many beneficial physiological effects for the best muscle recovery.

In addition, it also has a modulating effect on our peripheral nervous system, reducing the sensation of pain or muscle stiffness for a period of time.

The difference with a general electrostimulation treatment is that the quality of the electrical impulse that we are sending to the motor plate of the muscle is much “purer” than that which would be done from an electrode since it does not have to pass through the skin, fat and fascia.

This technique has a lot of evidence as a complement to work on tendon and muscular pathologies, especially, although it is also effective in joints with poor functioning in movement, facilitating their proprioception and avoiding muscle stiffness that may be hindering the normal movement of that joint.