In Spain, 5.3 million people with diabetes need specialized podiatric care since it is estimated that 34% of people with diabetes can develop diabetic foot ulcers which can end, in the vast majority of cases, in amputations, these amputations can be reduced if a correct control and prevention is carried out, therefore at Syncrolab we carry out the following service:

  • Control of plantar pressures.
  • Prevention of plantar ulcers.
  • New generation physiological cures.
  • Exclusive plantar supports.
  • Guidelines for home care.

A friction, minimal wound and / or callus or hyperkeratosis in a patient with diabetes can lead to amputation.

Therefore, from the podiatry service we carry out prevention on the risk of diabetes foot, where special attention is paid to making an adequate distribution of pressures to reduce the probability of suffering small ulcers, chafing or blisters. On the other hand, recommendations are outlined to be followed so that it is the patient himself who can continue with prevention independently.

Do not hesitate, if you suffer from diabetes you have a foot at risk and in our podiatry service we can help you improve your quality of life