We developed a novel and technological podiatry concept through the incorporation of the Motion & Metrix system, which allows us to carry out biomechanical studies of the race and gait in just 10 seconds and without markers.

Apart from the biomechanical evaluation, we offer a comprehensive podiatry service that covers the following areas:

  • Study with Motion & Metrix system, where the podiatrist interprets the data generated and proposes changes to improve your performance instantly.
  • Performing biomechanical tests in sitting and standing, which allow us to evaluate important aspects such as elasticity, muscle tone, activation of muscle groups, type of foot …
  • Study of the plantar footprint in statics and dynamics through the use of a pressure platform, where we can know the points of maximum pressure in the foot, center of gravity …
  • Stability test using a pressure platform, allows us to analyze posture and assess the influence of the patient’s balance support.
  • Scanning or taking a mold of the foot if necessary.
  • Delivery of a report, where, once the study has been carried out and the activity carried out by the patient is analyzed, the need to prescribe a treatment using plantar supports, strengthening exercises, stretching, rehabilitation, appropriate footwear, etc., is assessed.

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